Easi-Chock (Domestic)


Easi-Chock is a lightweight door-securing device that works with existing internal and external doors throughout the home or office.



Installed in less than 30 seconds and able to be disengaged and removed in 3 seconds, the device denies access by securing doors in-situ against any unwanted aggressors, robbers or carjackers.


Save Time

Easi-Chock saves essential time and money altering existing doors. Simply place under the door handle and within seconds your door now has an additional layer of security.



These can be fitted to basement access doors, hallway doors to restrict movement around the house in case of a burglary, going on vacation multiple devices will create a single route of access, in the office as part of a security plan, safely secure vulnerable emergency exits doors*.




Download the easi-Chock Manual





* Locking devices - Emergency Exit Doors

BS9999:2008, "Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings," gives further advice on the subject of locking. It states that in general, doors on escape routes shouldn’t be fitted with locks, latches, or bolts unless these are simple fastening, which can readily be operated. The operation of the fastenings should be "readily apparent without the use of a key and without having to manipulate more than one mechanism."




Closed Length


Stainless Steel Tube

Resistance Force