Using state of the art marine fixatives able to withstand over 1.5 tonnes of pull, the Easi-Grille will attach to any surface on the inside of the vessel superstructure and can be removed by means of special bolts by the crew in an emergency or when they are not in a High Risk Area, thus addressing major concerns raised by Insurers, Flag States, Unions and Crew Members.

By using the Easi-Grille, vessel owners can significantly reduce their cost of fixing security grilles to their porthole windows and do not have to worry about extensive planning provisions to do so.

Masters are delighted with the results, happy that they get visible protection for the crew, vessel and cargo when they want, but can also return to -normality' when they want by being able to take the grille down.



Easi-Grille is a Porthole Protection Grille designed to be internally installed to portholes situated throughout the Superstructure. Once the fasteners have been fixed in place the grille can be easily and quickly removed.



Extensive testing has demonstrated that the Easi-Grille system will exceed over 1.5 tonnes of direct pull. In reality the attacking aggressor could not exert enough forward force using conventional methods.


Save Time

Easi-Grille saves essential Chief Engineer and Crew time in fabricating and installing steel plates or bars, these generally do not work and provide very little protection. The fixing method is designed and tested to withstand a concerted breaching attempt The initial installation of the fixing studs takes approximately 20mins per grille and once installed the Porthole Protection Grille can be fitted and removed quickly.


Knowledge and Understanding

On-going and concurrent crew training is vitally important in combating an ever-changing threat and as part of our services we can whilst conducting vessel surveys carry out an introduction into Threat Awareness.

This will include;

  • Pirate Modus Operandi
  • Best use of intelligence reports
  • Basic vigilance training
  • BMP4 and additional methods of hardening
  • Ballistic Characteristics


Vessel Specific Anti-Piracy Hardening Matrix

With our operational experience we are able to produce a "vessel Specific Anti-Piracy Hardening Matrix" which can form part of the vessels SSP.


Unique Selling Points

  • No requirement for dry dock works
  • No requirement for hot works permits
  • No welding
  • No alteration to existing designs
  • No ongoing painting maintenance
  • A fraction the cost of dry dock option, up to 300% saving
  • Bespoke design
  • Fitted internally
  • Fitted by the crew
  • Removable
  • Lower cost enables all vulnerable portholes to be included and protected as part of the SSP
  • High quality product
  • All fasteners are 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Withstands 1.5 tonnes of pull





Download the Easi-Grille Leaflet



Designed Specifically for the vessel/class Construction – Mild steel


Mild Steel Plate

Powder Coated, 2 coat application

A4 stainless steel

Resistance Force
1.5 tonnes