Easi-Chock is a lightweight door securing device that works with existing doors situated throughout a vessel it is designed to deny access via vessel doors, both internal and external, that open onto the super structure and most importantly providing a safe passage from the bridge to the safe area/citadel. 



Installed in less than 30 seconds and able to be disengaged and removed in 3 seconds by any crew member, the device denies access by securing doors in-situ against any unwanted aggressors, robbers or hijackers whilst at anchor in the likes of the South China Sea or transiting the Malacca Straights which in recent months has seen a massive increase in robberies, transiting HRA/Gulf of Aden or carrying out STS operations off The West Coast of Africa where violence, robberies and hijackings are on the increase. 


Save Time

Easi-Chock saves essential Chief Engineer and Crew time in fabricating and installing baulks of timber or steel bars, which generally do not work due to incorrect measurements and too much play in the door handle. The Easi-Chock is now an established favourite with Maritime personnel and even P&I Clubs who accept the merit of having such a unique device to protect crew, belongings and the vessel and cargo.


Supplied In 3 Levels

We supply packs in 3 levels, the rationale behind offering the 3 levels is we are very conscious of the fact that the advice of BMP4 alone will not defend a vessel from a hostile intruder who is intent on getting what he came for at whatever the cost. Based on our own experiences transiting vessels through the HRA that have had previously other security teams on-board we have found either poor or no additional hardening and poorly sited inadequate safe area or citadel depending on company policy.

Level 1

Supply Easi-Chock pack only, accompanied with an installation video/instructions

Level 2

Supply Easi-Chock pack, fit and train crew how to fit Easi-Chock, 1day training

Level 3

Supply Easi-Chock pack, fit, train, survey and implement both BMP4 and bolstered hardening measures, 2day survey and implementation, 1day training






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Closed Length


Mild Steel Tube

Resistance Force