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The idea in principal came to me shortly after my first transit as a MSLO (Maritime Security Liaison Officer).

On the 31 October 2010 as part of a four man team on-board a Chemical Tanker transiting through the Mozambique Channel toward Dar-es-Salaam we were attacked and boarded by Somali Pirates. The attack, occupation of the citadel and self-liberation lasted just over eight hours and was recorded as the slowest and lowest vessel to survive a pirate boarding.

The reason why I can talk about this incident is due to the fact that we understood the importance of hardening the vessel, not just externally with razor wire but the internal vessel hardening. To that end we knew that it was of great importance to have a safety corridor from the bridge to the Citadel door. Luckily for us we had plenty of time to prepare the vessel and crew for the hazardous transit.

I have since that day lead many a team on vessels through the HRA and during these years I have noted that time to prepare the crew and vessel reducing, mainly due to day rates of armed teams. Many vessels are not hardened with knowledge of MoE (Methods of Entry) and improvised door securing devices fabricated on the vessel are not tried and tested, with no knowledge of whether it will work when required.

Over the past 5 years I have invested a lot of time and effort in refining the idea I had for a universal door chock that can be deployed in seconds by any member of the crew, removed just as quickly for a non-pirate related emergency and would stop, hinder and deter any unwanted aggressor.

It is my vision to deliver a first class product and associated services to all our customers in order to meet the demands of an ever changing threat. We’re meeting this by providing 24/7 365 controlled strategic planning systems, working closely with partners in and around the area of operations.


Easi-Chock has grass roots fundamentals based on actual experiences and we aim to

  •  Delight our customers by putting them at the heart of everything we do
  •  Be the best at what we do
  •  Engage and develop great people
  •  Act with passion, integrity, professionalism and determination

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